The following information will help to make your website more search engine friendly as well as a valuable resource for a web user to use, full of useful information and make it a great information resource they will return to again and again and recommend to friends. This can also increase your traffic to your site as well as potential business.  Follow this guide, edit your pages and keep the information up-to-date and most importantly, market your website.

The mandatory first step in Search Engine Optimization is to make your homepage search engine friendly. Search engines give a lot of weight to the homepage of a website when evaluating sites.  Try to add at least 400 html text characters (text) to the page and then concentrate on each inside page.  Also add in html links to the home page that link to the other pages of your website.  Search engines cannot read flash links, flash buttons or flash presentations for that matter so it would be a good idea to have these html links on every page of your site.

The text displayed on your site and that is added to the pages is very important.  Make sure you add in relevant content to each page (at least 400 html characters), talk about your business, marketing plans, experience / background, biography, community involvement, extracurricular activities, achievements and awards, etc…anything to fill the pages about you and your business/services you offer.  Wording is another very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Look carefully at what wording you have on your homepage and inside pages.  Make sure it’s up-to-date, relevant and talking specifically about you, your business, company and background, etc.  One issue to be watchful for in this category would be having duplicate web-pages that have largely the same information. Search engines take this as spamming and can penalize your site rankings for that.

Next concentrate on key words for the website, the inside pages and home page.  A “keyword” is a word somebody would type into a search engine when looking for websites that offer your services. For example, somebody wanting to find a Magician for their company party might go to Google and type ‘corporate magician’ or ‘corporate mentalist’. So these are the keywords and phrases we would use to optimize your website for search engines.  But be careful as search engines can tell if you’re over doing your key words and may penalize you, or even delete you from their database altogether, even if you didn’t do it with the intention of cheating.  You need this text to be worded correctly and again, to be inviting to prospective clients.  You can include your primary keywords in an interesting sentence, such as "Vancouver Locksmith, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, 24 hour emergency service, Licensed, bonded, insured, $10 coupon."

The title tags / page names are also an important part of your homepage and website as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, and there are a number of things to consider. You need to have your most important keywords in your title / page name, you need to have them as close to the beginning as you can, and you still need it to be inviting and make sense. For example, if your primary keywords were "Vancouver" and "locksmith", your title tag / page name on the home page should read something like "Vancouver locksmith & security systems, 24 hr emergency service...".

This leads into the page descriptions which is also important.  When Google brings up web-pages in response to a search they put the title of the page at the top of each entry and make it a link to that page. Below that is usually a sentence or two briefly outlining the page, this is part of the page description.  You want your title tags and page descriptions to be interesting enough so people click on the link to your site.

Another important thing you can do to increase your Search Engine Rankings is to have other websites link to your site. It is very important that these websites you link to be bona fide websites already listed on a search engine such as Google.  Links can be added through your Private Office editing system. The links should also be reciprocal, as it is important to get those websites who you’ve linked to, to also place a link to your website on their site.  Contacting those sites for information on getting your link on their site is a must!  It's in everybody's interest and is completely within the rules of the major search engines.

These days the major search engines actually prefer to find your website on their own. And most importantly, Google strongly advises against using software or companies that say they will submit your website to large numbers of search engines.  Do your research before using these sorts of companies and software.

There are many good directories on the web where we can add a link to your website that will significantly help your ranking on search engines. Some are free, such as the Open Directory, and some charge $10 to $50 per year or more.  Here, again, you must be careful. There are bad directories which the search engines consider to be Link Farms, where if you add your link the search engines will blacklist you and may remove your site permanently from their databases.  Again, do your research!