The Settings box or group contains all the basic information about your website. There are six different options available in this group:

1 - Menu/Navigation

This relates to how you website's main Menu/Navigation bar is displayed. From here, you can reorder your navigation bar links, create sub menu items, and add link to external pages.

Click here to learn how to hide or show a menu item

Click here to learn how to add a sub item to your navigation

2 - Website Theme

The themes tab is the section of the Private Office where you can change your website theme to one of myRealPage’s default themes or templates.

Click here to learn how to change your website theme.

3 - Web Drive, Images & Files

This is where you online file storage where you can store images, documents, and other files for use on your website.

Click here to learn how to upload a file to your Web Drive

4 - History of all Changes

This History view of your website allows you to track changes that you have made to your website.

Click here to learn how to use the site history

5 - Unpublished Changes

Contains all unpublished changes made within your website.

Click here to learn how to publish changes to your live site.

6 - Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings usually do not need to be set for regular operation of your website. However, this provides designers and web developers with access to advanced features of your website such as website keywords, favicons, Custom Properties, and other advanced customizations.

Click here to learn how to add "custom head content" to your myRealPage website