NOTE: This feature is only available for legacy myRealPage accounts and/or older themes. It is no longer available for new sign-ups and/or newer responsive themes.

Log into Webmail:

  • A. Go to WebMail.
  • B. Enter your email address.
  • C. Enter your password.
  • D. Click on the Log In button.

2 - Inside WebMail:

  • A. Click on Settings at the top of the page.
  • B. On the left sidebar, click on the Spam Settings icon.

3 - From the Spam Settings page:

  • A. Set the spam detection level. Level 1 is the most extreme and strictest level, and Level 10 is the lowest level of detection.
  • B. Select what to do with the spam message. You can choose to either Mark as spam, Move to spam folder or Purge message.
  • C. (Optional) You can add a custom label to the subject line of messages marked as spam.
  • D. Once satisfied, click on Save Settings.

You can always come back to further adjust and refine your settings until you achieve satisfactory filtering.
If you select to "Move Spam to Spam Folder," please remember to regularly check this folder in case there are legitimate messages that the filter may have tagged as spam by mistake. Please also remember to clean out your Spam and Trash folders regularly to make sure that your account mailbox does not reach its maximum capacity.