There are a number of possible reasons why your MS Outlook account has stopped working. However, the two most common ones are:

  • Your internet connection can be down. Please check if your ISP, router, modem, plugs, cables, etc. are working and/or are plugged in properly.
  • You might have an internet security program (a firewall or anti-virus application) that has updated recently, and is now flagging incoming mail via the mail servers as suspicious. To resolve this, servers will need to be unblocked. If this is the case, please consult directly with the technical support department that handles your security program. If you are experiencing this in an office, please contact your office's IT or network admininstrator for assistance. 
  • Please be aware that tampering with internet security features without proper technical know-how may cause your computer or network to be exposed to malicious software. Please request technical assistance from qualified personnel.

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