Check out the new image editor which we have integrated for website and listing photos. It’s the work of the good folks at The image editor is incredibly well written and sports functionality you would expect from a desktop software. It’s very fast and responsive and offers a lot of very advanced features. (For easy and fast cropping and resizing, you can continue to use our other built-in image editor).

What’s really cool about this editor is it can actually edit PSD files: yes, the Photoshop files (it also supports a PXD format which is its own slimmer and smaller version). We have also included support for the ability to upload and edit PSD and PXD files right from your WebDrive. As a designer, it may be possible for you to package a simple banner like file with just a few layers such as text and main graphic and let your client change the text as they see fit! The text layer can include built-in effects, such as shadow, inner glow, etc. Then, they can simply save it back to their MyRealPage WebDrive as a jpeg or png. Not bad for a banner editor out-of-the-box. Can you think of other uses? Let us know!

Click here to find out how to access the full image editor