Why do I need to Reset or Clear the Cache and Cookies on my Browser?

Whenever you browse a website, your computer's browser tends to temporarily hold on to files related to that website. This is so that the next time you check that site, its files (such as its layout, text, and images) will load faster.

However, when changes are made to the website, you might not see these changes right away because your browser is still referring to the older files that it is holding on to.

Clearing your browser's cache and cookies should allow your browser to fetch the updated version of the site.

When editing your myRealPage website, and you have noticed that your edits are not being displayed despite successfully Saving those changes, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies first.

These instructions are for the desktop version of Google Chrome, on both PC and Mac.

1 - Open the Google Chrome browser

  • A. Click on the icon made up of three dots on the upper right corner of the browser window. This will open a menu below it.
  • B. Click on the Settings option in the menu.

2 - On the Settings page:

  • A. Click on the icon that looks like three horizontal lines (known as a "hamburger menu") on the upper left corner. This will open a sidebar on the side of the screen.

3 - On the Settings Sidebar

  • A. Click on the Advanced option to reveal more options below it.
  • B. Click on the Privacy and Security option.

4 - Under Privacy and Security

  • A. In the Privacy and Security page, scroll down until you locate the Clear Browsing Data option.

5 - In the Clear Browsing Data window

  • A. Click on the Basic tab.
  • B. Add check marks to the boxes beside the options in the menu. It is also recommended to set the time range to "All time."
  • C. Once you're done, click on the Clear Data button.