This article contains instructions on how to edit a CSS file that has been previously uploaded to your myRealPage Web-Drive.

Please click here for instructions on how to upload a CSS file.

1 - Log in to Private Office:

  • A. Enter the URL
  • B. Enter your username (the email address you used when signing up).
  • C. Enter your password (which you chose during the sign-up process).
  • D. Click Login.

2 - From the Dashboard:

  • A. Click the Website tab.
  • B. Click All Web Pages.

3 - Opening Your Web-Drive:

  • A. Click on the Images & Files tab.

4 - In Your Web-Drive:

  • A. Locate the CSS file you have previously uploaded and right-click on it. This will open up a menu.
  • B. From the options, click on the option Edit text file...
  • C. You can also use the links on the right side of the window. These options will appear after a file has been selected.

5 - In the edit window:

  • A. Start adding your CSS code in the text area provided.
  • B. In case you want to start over, clicking on the Reload link will reload the window and remove all edits you have made since the last time you saved, but keep the editing window open.
  • C. Clicking on the Cancel button will close the editing window without saving.
  • D. Once you're done with your CSS edits, click on the Save button.