Click here to open the colour picker in a new tab

  • A. Find the colour you like by clicking and dragging your mouse over the two components on the left. 
    • The vertical bar will change the main color.
    • The large square will change the shade or hue of the main color.
  • B. The resulting color will be in the rectangle on the right side of the screen.
  • C. Once you are happy with your color as seen in the box to the right, you will see a 6-character code below it that starts with a # symbol. This code is the "hexadecimal" code (or "hex code") that we use to set the colors of a website. Please copy this, get in touch with us, and provide us with the hex codes.

Copy Commands:

On a mac: command + C 

On a PC: CRTL + C

Paste Commands:

On a mac: command + V

On a PC: CRTL + V