The way that the myRealPage Wordpress plugin works is by inserting listings directly into your Wordpress website using short codes that are added to pages and posts.

Once you generate a shortcode and add it to a page or post, when the website is viewed the listings or searches are generated "on the fly" and the content is created as a part of your page. Search Engines like this as the listings appear as if it is "written" content.

Our listings come stocked with a base style, however the Wordpress plugin not only uses the default styles we provide, but is also affected by the styles from your current Wordpress theme. The myRealPage default themes and styles will get overridden by your custom theme. 

In other words, if the default myRealPage theme's buttons are blue, but your site theme uses green, then the myRealPage listings buttons should turn out green. 

For most developers, this is a welcome feature, as it means that there are less places that they will need to apply changes to in order to style entire websites.

Sometimes, however, some custom WordPress styling ends up in conflict with the default styling, and this could cause the myRealPage listings to behave and be displayed differently.

In cases like this, it is best to work with a web developer and/or designer in order to help you create a theme that does not have any styling conflicts.