myRealPage Listings & IDX Getting Started Checklist:

1. Make sure you have signed up for a myRealPage Listings & IDX account. (Click here to sign up for an account.)

2. Click here to verify that your listings are set up and importing.

3. Change your listing contact information. Click here to learn how.

4. Create some predefined searches.

  1. Predefined Simple Search
  2. Predefined Address Search
  3. Predefined Map Search
  4. Predefined Area Search

5. Generate an embed code for your listings & Searches. Click here to learn how to learn how.

If you are having issues

Please contact us and we can assist you. 

    You can email us at

    call us at 1-888-478-877 


    use our live chat

Please have the following information handy:

Website URL

Specific Page with the issue (if its an isolated issue)

Name of the specific search that there is an issue (if its an isolated issue)