myRealPage Wordpress Getting Started Checklist:

1. Make sure you have signed up for a new Wordpress account. (Click here to sign up for an account.)

2. Make sure your Wordpress is using PHP Version 5.4 or higher

3. Download the myRealPage Wordpress plug in here.

4. Install the myRealPage Wordpress plugin on your Wordpress website. Click here to learn how.

5. Check your permalinks to ensure they are set up correctly.

6. Next, start adding listings using the shortcode. Click here to learn how to get started.  

If you are having issues or if your listings are not showing up, check the following:

1. Please check that your listings are active. Login to the Private Office, and check if your listings are importing

2. Please to disable all plugins and re check the listings on your Wordpress site.

3. Please try to revert to the basic Wordpress theme, this will help to see if there is a conflict with your custom theme.

4. Make sure your plugin is installed on the root of the domain and not on a sub domain. is a subdomain and is the root.

If you are still having issues

Please check here for a shortlist of plugins that are known to conflict with the myRealPage plugin.

Please contact us and we can assist you. You can email us at,
call us at 1-888-478-877 or use our live chat

We may ask for your Wordpress Dashboard information so we can login and check on a few things so please have the following information handy:

  • Wordpress URL
  • Wordpress Dashboard Username
  • Wordpress Dashboard Password