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The example is set up in Apple Mail 7.1

1 - Open Apple Mail:

  • A. Click the Mail item in the menu bar
  • B. Select Add Account


2 - In the Add Account Pop Up:

  • A. Choose Add Other Mail Account...
  • B. Click Continue


3 - Account Information:

  • A. Enter the Name in which people see when you send them an email
  • B. Enter your email address
  • C. Enter your email password
  • D. Click Create


4 - You will be promtpted to set up manually:

  • Click Next


5 - For Incoming Mail Server Info:

  • A. Click POP
  • B. Enter the mail server as:
  • C. Enter your email address
  • D. Enter your email password
  • E. Click Next


6 - In the security pop up:

  • A. Click Continue


7 - For Outgoing Mail Server Info:

  • A. For the SMTP server, enter
  • B. Enter your username which is the email address you are adding
  • C. Enter your password
  • D. Click Create


8 - Next, under the Mail menu item:

  • A. Click Preferences


9 - In the Accounts tab:

  • A. Select the email account in the sidebar
  • B. Select the Account Information tab
  • C. Click on the Outgoing Mail Server dropdown
  • D. Select Edit SMPT Server List...


10 - In the accounts window:

  • A. Select your mail server
  • B. Click the Advanced tab
  • C. Click Use custom port
  • D. Change port to 587
  • E. Make sure you uncheck Use SSL
  • F. Authentication should be set to Password
  • G. Make sure your email is set as your username
  • H. Enter your email password
  • I. Click OK


11 - Back in the accounts window:

  • A. Select your account again
  • B. Click the Advanced tab
  • C. Change the port to 110
  • D. Make sure you uncheck Use SSL
  • E. Authentication should be set to Password

When you close the window, it will ask you to save settings. Make sure you do save or you will have to start back from step 9.