Check Who Controls Your MX Records:

If your email is hosted by myRealPage (for older, legacy accounts), then skip to step 3. 

If you are unsure who controls your Email MX records, simply use one of the many Who-Is search tools that are available online (such as this one or this one, as examples).

1 - With your chosen who-is lookup online tool:

  • A. Enter your site's domain name in the text box provided.
  • B. Click on the Search button or icon.

2 - In the results:

  • A. Please make sure that the domain has not expired or is not set to expire soon. If it is expired, this can cause disruptions with your email account, so please renew your domain name registration.
  • B. Check if the name servers are pointing to  NS1.MYREALPAGE.COM and NS2.MYREALPAGE.COM

3 - Who to contact:

  • If the nameservers are set to NS1.MYREALPAGE.COM and NS2.MYREALPAGE.COM then it is most likely that myRealPage is the one handling your MX records. In order to modify your MX records, please Contact myRealPage Support and request for the changes.
  • If your nameservers are NOT set to NS1.MYREALPAGE.COM and NS2.MYREALPAGE.COM then we might not have control over your records, and you will have to contact your host directly. If you still need assistance with trying to find out where your email is hosted, again, simply contact myRealPage Support and we will be happy to assist you.