The myRealPage WordPress plugin may be affected by the following factors which may make it not function properly:

  • Hosting environment (e.g. provider's proxy caching)
  • WordPress environment (e.g. PHP version; configuration)
  • Incompatible plugins (e.g. plugins which pre-empt calls to our plugin)
  • Incompatible themes (e.g. interfering with the functioning of our plugin)

To test whether our plugin is compatible; simply install it -- this can be done prior to signing up with us -- and then do the following:

  • Create a non-home page (our listing shortcodes are not supported in the home page, i.e. the page's URL must have a non-empty path/slug ) and add this shortcode to it
    [mrp account_id=54523 listing_def=mylistings context=mylistings perm_attr=tmpl~v2]
  • Navigate to the page and ensure that the listings show up
  • Click on listing details on any one of the listings and ensure listing details are visible
  • Click on "Send Listing" form (for example) and ensure that the form shows up

Please note that the shortcode is a demo shortcode and the listings it shows are not real.