This article contains instructions on how to send leads and prospects to your own real estate website when someone finds your listing on, and clicks on it to view listing details. 

1 - On your home page

  • A. Go to your real estate website's Home page. Navigate to your Properties section.

2-  Finding your listing

  • A. Locate the listing you need, and click on it to view the listing details.

3 - Copy the URL

  • A. Once you are viewing the page with the listing details, look to the address bar of your web browser, and copy the entire URL. You will need this in the next step. 
    • The full URL could look something like this: http://_____(YOUR DOMAIN NAME)______.myrealpagewebsite. com/mylistings.html/listing.r__(MLS#)__-___(LISTING ADDRESS)___-street-new-westminster-__(POST CODE)___.80XXXXXX3
  • Important note: Please use the URL to the listing itself, and not the URL to your site's home page.

4 - Linking your listing to your website

  • A. Log in to your account, navigate to your listing, and open the listing editor. There is a section for URLs on the page of the editor. Locate the field labeled Alt Feat Sheet URL, and paste the URL that you copied from step 3 into this field. Please remember to save your changes.