1- Logging in:

2 - Once logged into Google Analytics:

  • A. Make sure you are tracking the correct website, especially if you are using Google Analytics on more than one site. You can click on the button on the upper left corner, to the right of the Google Analytics logo, to select your real estate site/domain that you want to review. 

3 - Loading your site's data:

  • A. Locate the website you're tracking from the drop down menu, and click on Master view.

4 - From the Dashboard:

  • Look to the lefthand column
  • A. Click on the Behavior tab. This will open sub-menus.
  • B. Select Site Content.
  • C. Select All Pages.

5 - Reports Page

  • A. Pages on your website are listed here. By default, your page with the highest number of views (your most popular page) will be on top, followed by your second most popular page, and so on.
  • B. In case you have a lot of pages or listings on your site, you can use this search box to look for a specific web page or listing, and view its stats.
  • C. By default, stats for the day are displayed. However, you can also choose to view stats by week or by month.
  • D. Clicking on points on the line graph will display how many total page views your entire site received on a specific day.