Please note that these instructions are for WordPress websites that are using the standard/old editor. If you are using the Gutenberg/block editor on your WordPress site, please click here.

We've recently updated our Quick Search tools to make it even easier for your site visitors to search listings on your real estate website. Introducing the Compact Search V2 Quick Search Weblet!

Here's how to add it to your WordPress website!

1 - On the page/post you want to add the Compact Search to:

  • A. On the text editor, make sure you are on the Visual tab.
  • B. In the toolbar, click on the small mRP Logo/icon.

2 - In the pop up log in window, if prompted:

  • A. Type in your Email Address.
  • B. Type in your Password.

3 - In the pop-up window:

  • A. Click on the Search Forms tab.
  • B. Make sure that the option LIST IDX SEARCH (RESPONSIVE) is selected in the dropdown menu.
  • C. (Optional) If you wish to pre-select search criteria, you can do so using the options provided.

4 - Adding Locations:

  • A. (Optional) If you wish to pre-select search locations, you can do so by picking those locations in the dropdown menu. 
  • Please note that you can add as many pre-selected locations as you wish. However, these location names will appear in the search box once it is displayed on your website. As such, adding a lot of pre-selected locations may cause the search box to become taller, and may affect the look and/or layout of your the web page you are adding the search box to.

5 - Generating the shortcode

  • A.  Once you're done, click on the Generate Shortcode button. This will open a pop-up window.

6 - In the Embeddable Shortcode window:

  • A. Copy all of the code that is in the text box. (Press CTRL+A to select all, and CTRL+C to copy the text.)
  • B. After copying the code, click on the Close button to close the pop-up.
  • Return to the Wordpress page/post you are editing.

7 - Back in the Wordpress editor:

  • A. Click on the Text tab
  • B. Paste the generated code in the text area.
  • C. Click on the Publish/Update button to publish your changes.
  • Please note that the Compact Search V2 search bar might not appear correctly when previewing a draft version of your post or page. However, it should appear correctly once the post or page has been published, and is live.


  • Your page or post should look similar to this after publishing.
  • This weblet can be customized and styled using CSS.

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