Please note that this article refers to functions or features that may no longer be active, or only apply to older, non-responsive themes. As such, instructions listed below might no longer be applicable. Please feel free to search the rest of the MRP KnowledgeBase for updated solutions, or contact our support team for assistance.

This weblet will only display agent listings. Not office listings or any other predefined searches

1 - Log in to Private Office:

  • A. Enter the URL
  • B. Enter your username (the email address you used when signing up).
  • C. Enter your password (which you chose during the sign-up process).
  • D. Click Login.

2 - From the Dashboard:

  • A. Click the Website tab.
  • B. Click All Web Pages.

3 - From the Web Pages section:

  • A. Locate the page you want to add your listings to from the list of pages on your site. Hover your mouse pointer over it until a submenu pops up. 
  • B. Click on the Page Editor link in the pop-up.

4 - Adding a new section to the page:

  • A. You can click the + buttons on the side of the Edit button to add a weblet above or below that current weblet.
  • B. You can also click the +Add content here button to add a weblet in that position.

5 - In the Adding Content pop up:

  • A. Click on the Show all available weblets... button.

6 - From the weblet selector

  • A. In the search bar, type "Featured Listing"
  • B. Select the Featured Listing weblet.

7 - On the Page

  • A. Provide a heading for featured listings or from the drop down, choose a dynamic heading that is derived from the listing information

Select Listings:

  • B. Choose whether you want the system to pick listings randomly for you, or if you want to manually select the listings to display. (If you choose manual, please see step 8)
  • C. Pick how long a delay between listing refreshes
  • D. Choose the options in which your listings will pull from. Different variations will have different results

Layout Options:

  • E. Choose between 1 & 4 columns Chooses amount of listings to display in combination with Step F
  • F. Choose Between 1 & 10 rows Chooses amount of listings to display in combination with Step E
  • G. Orientation will display a vertical or horizontal listing
  • H. Choose from three preset styles Click preview to see examples

Display Listings:

  • I. Select your photo size Small, medium or large
  • J. Alternatively to step I, you can set the photo width in pixels
  • K. Set image padding (The amount of room around the image)
  • L. Select, if you would like to add a subtle shadow to the image (works best with a little image padding, see step K).
  • M. The title will be displayed above all featured listings. If you plan to feature several listings, it can provide a title for the entire section
  • N. Pick your title element (H1-H6, paragraph or bold text)
  • O. Create a "View More" title. If specified, this text will be displayed with a link to all your listings
  • P. If the listing has more than one photo you can choose if you would like the featured listings to rotate photos like a slideshow
  • Q. Specify a custom interval in seconds between the photo rotations in the slideshow (If you chose to run the slideshow in step.P). Leave blank for default.
  • R. Select if you would like description included in the display.
  • S. Specify how many words to abbreviate the description to. Leave blank if you don’t want to abbreviate.
  • T. Choose the options you wish to display in the featured listing. Check to show, leave unchecked to hide
  • U. Once finished, click Save Weblet