Please note that this article refers to functions or features that may no longer be active, or only apply to older, non-responsive themes. As such, instructions listed below might no longer be applicable. Please feel free to search the rest of the MRP KnowledgeBase for updated solutions, or contact our support team for assistance.

Custom Templates can be used by designers to create and style a new look and feel for your website. Knowledge of website development is a must. Please proceed with caution, as this is an advanced feature and can possibly break your page if used improperly.

Download the ZIP file to learn more about building a custom myRealPage website template

Click here to learn how to override the default myRealPage CSS

You can also contact third-party Website Designers and Developers to help you build a custom website for you. Click here for a list of some recommended vendors.

You can also contact us at myRealPage to see if this is something we can assist with.

We also offer some basic design and customization services, so check out the list of customizations we offer!