NOTE: This feature is only available for legacy myRealPage accounts and/or older themes. It is no longer available for new sign-ups and/or newer responsive themes.

1 - In the iPad Settings:

  • A. Click the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section
  • B. Select Add Account...
  • C. Select Add Mail Account

2 - From the accounts page:

  • A. Select the last option, “Other” from the list of account types.

3 - On the new accounts page:

  • A. Enter your name that will be displayed to recipients.
  • B. Enter your email address
  • C. Enter your password
  • D. Add an internal desctiption or name for the account, to help you identify it in case you have other email accounts.
  • E. Click Next.

4 - On the new accounts page:

  • A. Select the POP option
  • Enter the remaining information for Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server in the spaces provided.
  • The Host Name for both Incoming and Outgoing is
  • Your User Name is your email address
  • B. Press Save, this will start verifying your settings.

5 - Verifying the account may take a few minutes:

  • A dialog should appear, "Cannot Connect Using SSL" -- please see the next step

6 - On the dialog box:

  • Select "No"

SSL is not supported. If you choose yes by accident, it will simply try to verify and the same message will appear, so don't worry!

7 - On the New Account Screen:

  • A. Press the Save button to commit the changes
  • B. Press Save again when the confirmation message appears.

8 - On the Right Side:

  • A. Click on your new email account

9 - On the settings for this account:

  • A. Under the Outgoing Mail Server, click the SMTP button

10 - On the SMTP page:

  • A. Click on the "" link under Primary Server

11 - Back on the settings:

  • A. Make sure "SSL" is turned Off
  • B. Authentication is set to "Password"
  • C. Click on the "Server Port" and make sure it has "587"
  • D. When finished click Done

12 - Back at the account page:

  • A. Click on your new account again

13 - On the Email page:

  • A. Click the "Advanced" button

14 - On the advanced page:

  • Make sure "SSL" is turned Off
  • Authentication is set to "Password"
  • click on the "Server Port" and make sure it has "110"

15 - Once you enter the correct port:

  • You are done, your email will now be set up