The TRREB (formerly TREB) IDX Data Agreement must be signed in order for you to access IDX data for your website. This is required to activate our MLS® search functionality, as well as to import listings on your myRealPage website.

Please note that this article assumes that you already have an account on TorontoMLS, and that you have an authenticator/token. If you do not have these, please contact your board directly in order to acquire them.

1- Logging In

2- On the Dashboard

  • A. After logging in to, click on the MLS Services icon.

3 - in the MLS Services Menu

  • A. On the next screen, look to the center column labeled "MLS, Collaborate & Related Services". Click on the IDX link.

4- Accessing the TREB Online Agreements system

  • A. You will now need to log into the TREB Online Agreements system. Your Membership Number should be already be pre-populated. Otherwise, simply type in your membership number and your four-digit PIN.
  • B. Open your Authenticator or Token to generate a six-digit authenticator password. Enter it in the space provided.

5- Start a New Agreement

  • A. Start a new agreement by clicking on the Start New tab near the top of the page.

6- Choosing the Agreement

  • A. Select which agreement you need.
  • B. Click on the Continue button.

7- Filling in the Blanks

  • Please note that all fields in the forms presented must be properly filled out
  • Please note that you must agree to all the terms and conditions in order to submit the agreement. 
  • Most of your information will be auto-populated based on your TREB Member Number. 
  • You have the option to update your e-mail address.
  • For options that require information about myRealPage, please use the following values/answers.
    • From the Third Party Provider drop down menu, select the option MYREALPAGE
    • For the Contact field, type in the name Trevor Hogue
    • For the Phone Number field, type 888-478-8797
    • For the Contact Email field, type in the email address
    • In the section labeled Subscriber Website URL #1, type in your full website URL. For example,
    • Check off all the boxes on lines in red
    • Click on the Send to Third Party button
  • When asked for myRealPage's address, please type in the following address: 1899 St. Matthews Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J1 
  • The agreement will then be sent to myRealPage for confirmation. After confirming it on our end, it will then be sent to your broker of record to complete the process.