What are the MRP infographics?

These are myRealPage-branded market updates that we create on a monthly basis. 

It covers select real estate boards, and contains information that we think may be useful for agents. We then try to present this information in a manner that is visually-appealing and easy to understand, so that even non-agents could get an idea of how the market for certain regions are faring.

Which real estate boards do you have infographics for?

We currently publish infographics on our blog for the following real estate boards:

Where do you get the data used in your infographics?

The free, MRP-branded, monthly market updates and infographics only makes use of data and material/media that have already been made publicly-available by the real estate Boards themselves. This includes:

  • data found in public news/media/press releases
  • data posted on the Board's non-locked, official social media channels
  • data found in publicly-accessible parts of the Board's official website

Some of this publicly-available data is then used for simple calculations, such as totals, or percentage differences, etc.

Should you require more extensive data or reports, please consult with your Board directly to access agent-exclusive information.

Can I use your infographics on my website, or share it on my social media channel?

Yes. Please feel free to download the infographic and re-upload it to your website or social media channel. You are also welcome to link to the blog post that the infographic is featured in.

Can I print out your infographics and give it out to my clients, prospects, and/or leads?

Absolutely! In fact, every infographic we release comes with a printable PDF version that has space allocated for you to attach your business card to! :) Best printed on A4-sized paper.

I want to have all of your infographics for my board added to my myRealPage website!

No problem! We can help you create a page on your site that is dedicated to your board's infographics. Click here for more information!

Can you show me your data source for the infographics?

Yes. Each infographic that we publish on our blog contains a link in the accompanying text which leads to the press release or report that the current infographic is based on.

Hey, there aren't any infographics for this month yet! How come?

Please note that the schedule for when we publish our infographics depends on when the Board releases their data for that month. Unfortunately, if the Board is delayed with releasing their monthly market report, we will also be delayed with creating the month's infographic.

However, once the data has been released, we strive to publish the infographics within 72 hours or less. At the very latest, we aim to have all infographics published before the 15th of each month.

Why isn't my board included in the list of boards you make infographics for?

As much as we would like to, we simply currently do not have the manpower necessary to create, design, and regularly update infographics for all real estate boards. 

We hope to be able to accommodate everyone in the future, and we have been slowly adding new boards to our list when we see that there is sufficient demand for it.

Can you email your infographics to me every month?

We publish our infographics on our blog. To receive regular email updates whenever new articles are published, please consider subscribing! 

To subscribe, simply head over to our blog, scroll down to the form at the bottom, (A) enter your details, and (B) click the Submit button.

I spotted an error in your infographics. What can I do?

We try our best to make sure that all information released is correct, but sometimes mistakes do happen. :(

In case you find an error, please feel free to let us know by contacting our support team, and we will do our best to make corrections.