Please note that this article only applies to clients who are subscribed to myRealPage's IDX or Listings-Only service, and are using it on a website built and/or hosted on SquareSpace.

Click here to learn more about AJAX loading on Squarespace 

The myRealPage IDX/Listings-Only product is designed to work with third-party websites. However, sometimes there are certain sites or platforms that have built-in features or codes that may conflict with the myRealPage product.

With SquareSpace, we have found that our listings product tend to conflict with the AJAX loading feature that is built into the following SquareSpace website templates:

  • Brine
  • Farro
  • Skye (Blog landing page only)
  • Tremont
  • York

To resolve the issue, you will have to disable Ajax loading on your SquareSpace website's theme. Please follow the steps listed below.

1 - Log in to your SquareSpace account

  • A. Enter your SquareSpace username and password
  • B. Click on the Log In button

2 - Select your real estate website

  • A. On your SquareSpace dashboard, locate the website that you are using the myRealPage product with. Click on it to open the editing options for that website.

3 - Editing your SquareSpace site

  • A. On the lefthand sidebar, click on the Design link. This will open more options.

4 - In the Design Menu

  • A. On the lefthand sidebar, click on the Site Styles link.

5 - In the Site Styles Menu

  • A. On the lefthand sidebar, scroll down until you locate the section labeled Site: Loading.
  • B. Directly under it is an option labeled Enable Ajax Loading
  • C. Click on the radio button/circle beside it to disable it (A circle outline means it is disabled. A filled out gray circle means it is enabled.)