Basically, the way that the dots on a QR code are arranged acts in a similar way as bar codes. And just like bar codes, QR codes can be scanned using QR scanners, as well as by regular smartphone cameras (when used with the appropriate apps). The scanners can then translate the QR codes into a variety of information types. 

QR codes are the square-looking tags that can be found on a lot of items and websites nowadays. They may look a very pixelized image, or just a jumbled mess of dots, but QR codes are actually very useful.

Some QR codes can contain images or files, and some contain contact information. Some are even known to be used for geolocations and map coordinates. Some companies and brands also hold games, contests, and giveaways that include the use of QR codes somehow. In some countries, QR codes are also used for cashless and cardless payments!

One of the most common marketing use of QR codes is to lead the person scanning the code to a website. It can be a landing page for a product or service, or a portfolio, or a person's online CV.

QR codes are commonly found in offline situations such as on business cards, signage, brochures, or shop windows. This is mostly because QRs are effective for people who might still be interested in the offer, but might not have the time to linger for long to learn more about it. By simply snapping a photo of the code or scanning it as they walk by, they can take away with them information that they can go back to later on, and which can hopefully convert into a transaction.

While some people might argue over the usefulness of having QR codes displayed on a website, we think it's always a good idea to keep all your bases covered. 

With myRealPage, you can generate QR codes for your listings as well as your website, and contact information. You can of course choose to use this asset in any way you see fit.

The following are sample QR codes. Try scanning them on your screen, using your phone and one of the many free QR scanning apps available on the App Store and Google Play!

Contact Info:

Your bread and butter, this QR code for a fictional agent will allow you to immediately retrieve the embedded contact information and save it to your phone.

Google Maps:

Embedding a Geolocation or Map entry can be super useful when trying to guide clients to an open house!

Company Website URL:

Want to showcase your online shop or portfolio? Want to bring clients to your real estate website listings? There's a QR code for that.

Mobile/Smartphone Links: 

This can be especially useful for encouraging people to download certain apps. You can use a QR code to bring prospects directly to your app page!

Let us know if you know of other creative ways to use QR codes!

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