At the time of launch, we have the following categories:

  • Popular: This space hosts the "most used" blocks.
  • Text Content: Different layouts for several text-specific blocks.
  • Marketing: Call to action options with text, images, background, and icons.
  • Navigation:  Menu layouts with optional branding placement, social media and contact info.
  • Headers: Top headers with and without navigation. 
  • Footers: Several footer layout options.
  • Widgets: Map, Video, html, and image gallery are grouped here.
  • Forms: Market Insight, Graphs and several form layouts are shared here.
  • Listings: Searches, graphical search links and listing tools are grouped in this category.
  • Blog: Blog display options are contained in this spot.
  • Team: Two, Three and Four or more team members can be displayed using these blocks.

More categories may be added in the future as our options grow.