This is for clients who use the Listings IDX Only subscription and have their website hosted through a 3rd party company.

Step 1: Log in to Private Office:

  1. Enter the URL
  2. Enter your username (the email address you used when signing up).
  3. Enter your password (which you chose during the sign-up process).
  4. Click Login.

Step 2: From the Dashboard, navigate to the Listings:

  1. Click on the Listings tab
  2. Click All Listings

Step 3: Navigate to the code generator panel:

  1. On left sidebar, click the Embeddable Listings + IFrames under Tools

Step 4: Generate the code:

  1. Click the Embeddable Code tab.
  2. Click the Listings Group tab under it.
  3. On the table provided, click the MLS® tab
  4. Type in the MLS number into the provided field.
  5. Click the Find button
  6. Select the listing from the result that comes up below it.
  7. Click the button: Generate embeddable code

Step 5: Copy the code

  1. On the pop up box, click the Copy Code button.

After copying the code, paste it into the HTML panel on the page of your website.